Sooooo it’s upon us…

…that jolly season of the year: December. That joyous time when generosity will break records again.
“Wasting” money on all those Christmas gifts [we don’t really need] seems to awake the Bill Gates that evidently lives in all of us.

All through this month — to push down the anxiety that suddenly hit us in the middle of Christmas shopping in the bath department at John Lewis, I guess — a lot of us will start the process to sponsor a moderately anonymous child in a developing country. Happily fill Médecins Sans Frontières’ coffers and make sure that the Romanian beggar’s mugs will overflow with [hopefully] big amounts of bills and small coins.
Perhaps it was that last colorful but expensive towel to Aunt Brittany that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. That small towel that she really, really does not need.

The above is all good in every possible way but why can’t we instead promise each other that next year we will invest in sustainable policies. Yes, I said policies. Policies and politics, these despised little words.
Promise that we will give more power to the democrats in our world, to the diplomats, to the people with a true and real interest in politics. To those born with a good heart and a sincere, honest desire in lending a helping hand to mankind. To those in the middle; who’s not right-wing and who’s not left-wing.

Promise each other that we will find a way to focus on making sure that wars do not start, that children are not abducted, that dictatorships do not get a foothold, that we distribute antibiotics beforehand, that we feed the world.

I want us to give a greater mandate to daily, industrious prevention work so we create a better world from start and not just give money once the crisis is a fact. (No matter how brave the men and women who enter service at such times are.)

Blue-Eyed? Naive? Unsophisticated? Perhaps.
But I do want to believe in man’s inherent goodness and strength. I want to see our ability to create and not just watch us destroy.
I don’t think this is a crazy idea at all. I mean, after all, if we can celebrate a child born to a virgin by way of a guy dressed in red and white who keeps getting stuck in chimneys…then I mean, why not?