Beautiful spring weather…

…outside. Turn on the TV. Old rerun from 1981 of “This Is Your Life”. My favorite show ever and the one and only reason for why I chose media/show/TV/theater/film as my line of business.

I guess I should feel nostalgia — both because, beside the storytelling part, that was the entire point of the show and also because of all the people who are not longer with us — but all I feel is sadness.

Some things should just rest.

But then again as the — seemingly happy and surprised — protagonist/”kidnap victim” of this episode once wrote:

“Om man vägrar att se bakåt och inte vågar se framåt, så måste man se upp.”
Tage Danielsson, Framtiden

(“If you refuse to look back and do not dare to look ahead, then you have to watch out.” In Swedish ‘watch up’ for a better understanding of the wordplay and pun…)

You’re such a…

…screwed up, weird and funnily lovable oddball. Our own private little jester.
You make sure that we always fall over your jokes and forgive you for trespassing. You talk, talk and talk but say really nothing.
We get it; you’re the jokester. The illusionist, but not the great philosopher you wish to be.

So, on a scale of 1-10, how sorrowful and downhearted are you behind the scenes?