Although I’m always…

…wary about whether the information on Wikipedia is correct or not; today this part of a post about Bertrand Russell comforted me. Why? See blogpost from earlier today.
But I also know that the person who stands for nothing, falls for everything.

From :

“At various points in his life he considered himself a liberal, a socialist, and a pacifist, but he also admitted that he had never been any of these in any profound sense.”


I am one of those people…

…with lots of opinions, but who never have found a political party to reconcile myself with or to feel compatible with.
Every time some kind of election is around the corner this non-affiliation shows up like dark clouds on the sky a thunderbolt intensive day. What party should I give my vote to? Who to believe?

Maybe life is easier in countries with a two-party system. Then you’re just this or that or perhaps neither of them. Three alternatives, not 794…or something.
And perhaps that’s why it’s easier for, say, an American or a Brit to tell you what they vote for than for a Swede. Ask that Q to a Swede and he will look at you like if you just asked him what color his poo had that morning and then quickly refer to the secret ballot-system.
But I have nothing to hide! I just don’t “have” a party.

Then yesterday I read that the famous Swedish editor-in-chief Bo Strömstedt when asked what party he laid his vote on always answered:

“I am always in opposition!”

And then, at long last, I felt at home.