Some years ago…

…I actually accepted that when feeling “ugh” it’s usually not a cold coming on. It’s simply ‘age’ and how you feel these days.

This is why I take my antibiotics quite happily and with a smile for the next ten days. Because as we all know; I live in constant fear of becoming one of many and well adjusted.

*Turns on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”…just like 50 billion other people.

When Sweden wakes up tomorrow…

…the Swedish Democrats, a total Nazi party, is the third biggest party in our parliament.

My English has apparently a very American accent and people abroad often ask me which American state I’m from.
Considering that so many other Swedes voted for SD, from this day on I won’t correct people who have a hard time identifying my accent.


Now we would be…

…freakin’ surprised, wouldn’t we?!

Stephen Hawking’s warning to mankind about the ‘God Particle’ , that scientists believe created the world but also actually could end it too, in his new book “Starmus”.

I guess we can’t take fancy cars, the latest craze in vegan restaurants, expensive homes, smug middle class behavior, hipster beards, designer clothes, well manicured nails or our high tech white kitchens with white Carrara marble countertops where we’re going.

Not even the smallest skinny latte macchiato with soy milk or our new super white Adidas Stan Smiths would slip through.

And I know that would be the end of some of us on a totally normal everyday.