And one day…

…hopefully far away, this music will be played at my funeral.

1) First, the two most perfect pieces of music ever written:

Mozart – Piano Concerto No.23 In A Major, K 488 Adagio:

And “Theme” from “Schindler’s List” played by Itzhak Perlman.

2) Those who knows my soul know why this will be played.

“It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi:

3) When it comes to these two songs by Warren Zevon then I can’t choose. But then again, thankfully, it’s the prerogative of us living to be allowed to be indecisive.

“Keep Me In Your Heart For A While”:

“Don’t Let Us Get Sick”:

4) Because this is what our time here on earth is about; to give it on to the next generation. “Tidevarv kommer, tidevarv försvinner. Släkten följer släktens gång.”

Even if I choose to use my prerogative from above – do you see the pun? – not to think that “we go to paradise with singing.”

“Härlig är jorden”:

5) And because we after all shall finally reach – “when the night vanishes and the stars fade” – that long-awaited victory at dawn.

Jussi Björling’s aria “Nessun Dorma” from the final act of Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Turandot”:




Amongst so much beautiful music…

…to choose from these are two of my all times favorites.

They’re from the soundtrack of “Schindler’s List”, composed and produced by John Williams. Here a recording of “Theme” from by The New York Philharmonics at Lincoln Center – September 2012.

The violinist is, of course, the amazing Itzhak Perlman.

Below a version that includes “Remembrances”.
The violinist Carla Leurs, is a former student of Itzhak Perlman. Here she performs together with Ernst van Tiel and the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.

Du vet den där känslan…

…av att känna sig oövervinnlig när man för en gång skull lyckas öppna en glasdörr till en affär eller bank på rätt håll utan att ha läst på de små skyltarna med ‘Tryck’ eller ‘Dra’…

…tja, det är inte direkt min känsla här och nu. Idag får jag leva på mixen av min fantasi och mina minnen.

You know the sense of feeling invincible when, for once, you manage to open a glass door to a shop or bank in the right direction without having read the ‘Pull’ or ‘Push’ signs…

…well, that’s not exactly how I feel here and now. Today, I live on the mix of my imagination and my memories.