Media tells me today…

…that “Playboy” will stop showing full nudity from March 2016. Good–heartedness or evolution has nothing to do with it. It’s all about declining circulation numbers (from millions to today’s 800 000) when porn is just a click away online.
Also, the magazine will still feature spreads of women in ‘provocative’ [according to The Telegraph] and ‘alluring’ [according to The Hollywood Reporter] poses. Tomato, tomahto, anyone?!

This is perfectly fine in every way but it still opened up that question I’ve had in my head for the last few years. I still can’t help but to wonder why the world has transformed and, in many ways, become so excessively puritanical?

The 17-year-old me on a public beach in the 80’s would have been the only one with a bikini-top on. (Yes, be quiet! I know this is a contradiction to the text I’m writing but I’ve always been a bit of a prude. So there, I’ve said it!)

Anyhow, if someone told that girl (BTW teased endlessly because of the bikini-top. But hello! Why pay for a whole bikini and just use the bottom? Yes, I’m a price conscious stingy cheapskate too. So there, I’ve said it!) that women of the 2000s would display their boobs as a way to demonstrate at public events and try to accomplish more equality by showing their breasts she would have laughed like if her life depended upon it.
What a backlash she would have thought. On this warm, beautiful 80’s beach during the post punk-time-traveling DeLoreans-Wham!-glasnost-Margaret Thatcher-era, surrounded by topless women everywhere she would have exclaimed: “How 70s!”

What happened in the last thirty years that made us so forbidding and in a way so suppressed anno Domini 2015?
Forbidding against nudity, against obesity, against poor begging people, against ugly kitchens, against not being productive enough at work (I mean what happened to that shy oddball janitor every office used to have on its payroll?), against people who deliver “rude” remarks and opinions [insert subject-matter/topic of own choice], against smokers, against Lena Dunham’s not gym enhanced body type, against meat lovers, against people like me who hate to recycle plastic and my biodegradable food waste? (But still do it meticulously because I don’t want to be evicted. Yes, I am a coward. So there, another confession!)

It certainly can’t be that we are more enlightened, because we are still torturing and killing each other like it was the most lucrative wholesale business in the world. We still build fences around our borders to keep refugees out. We still make and export weapons. We still abuse children and refuse them education. We still let them die of famine. Just for God’s sake — yep, there I went off and offended, insulted and probably violated someone with any kind of faith too — don’t do it naked and smoking while you throw an old light bulb in your food waste.

Was it the internet, a time warp, binge-drinking (like if that was something new…hello, the temperance movement during the 1910’s…), reasonably affordable boob-jobs, a consequence of the extreme right wind sweeping across Europe at the moment, Ally McBeal, the media that during these years warned us of the dangers of everything from Lady Gaga’s influence to microwave ovens to climate change, the Gaza War, crazy prizes on the housing market, 9/11, Vince Gilligan and blue meth, George W. Bush, reality shows, the elastic edge on briefs visible above the jeans (or maybe just skinny jeans in itself) or the Macarena that brought us on this new puritanical road? I don’t know. I don’t have the answers. All I have is the question.

How my…

…Grandad would have loved our times. Such a selfie lover! Insta would have been his home from home.

And how he loved the roaring twenties in New York.
Cancer brought him home — couldn’t afford the American health care, what’s new!?! — and when he recuperated the Wall Street crash and my Grandma came between him and the country he so loved.

He would always refer to his hometown as “The town God forgot.”

But he loved us.




Like, if you got it flaunt it! :)

And believe me; this is only a fraction of his selfies! ;)