Yesterday at lunch…

…someone told me s/he was impressed by the way I always [seem to] have control over my life. What!? Who?! Me?
Me, the person who everyday when I wake up asks life:

“What the hell do you mean when you suggest that?”


“Excuse me but how many calories are there in confusion?”

I always disbelieve people who state that they think their life is “splendid” or who always are happy with their own choices and decisions. I’m like: “Well, congrats to you! How about you now stop lying to yourself…?”

What I know about life is that if [read; when] it all falls apart then try to keep the stability for as long as possible. With any possible method of choice. Don’t shatter the crystal. Because everything that doesn’t kill you gives you deadly anxiety. Of this I’m sure.

When it’s not possible anymore to keep things steady; usually sooner than later; then just simply explode! (Or if that really should be ‘implode’?)

I usually also play a character I once chose for myself and I take care to do it well to fool those around me. I have to, because so many others around me knows the real me and they are not always that impressed.

So if someone really thinks that I have all my ducks in a row then it’s very probable that this person doesn’t know me very well. Because you know what they say; the only perfect people are perfect strangers.
Or could it be a matter of perspective? Maybe my asymmetrical messy ducklings are a bunch of a really slim looking and impressive Spitfires to someone else. Well, apparently.