It feels like if… 

…my mind, on its own without my interference, has decided not to wait for things to happen anymore because it has simply accepted that things just aren’t going to happen.

Like if I’m running so late with everything that my mind just wish it could reboot my life and give me a completely new one.

This whole situation makes my heart cry and my soul shudder.


…I watched Bill Murray in something and then got the “Ghostbuster” theme song stuck in my head. (Yeah, I’m that generation…)

When I had it spinning in my head during today I suddenly thought – which actually proves that I learned something in those philosophy classes we were forced to attend for a year – that “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” is a ‘double negative’ [which if I remember correctly equals ‘positive’].

Does this mean they actually exists?

Fortunately this comforted me somewhat: